10 Mistakes Women Make in Love


When the relationship is over, a woman closes home and tells her closest female friend, “Why did I leave when everything was on its way? I do not have a small mistake, and you are the closest acquaintance. ” But unfortunately this judgment is wrong. Until then, both and men made . I listed women’s this week. Weekly of men will be on this page


It’s a never-ending affair. the 1800s, men were complaining about this, now … If you are told everything that your lover has done, if you complain constantly, if you do not have the thing called ‘tolerance’ yourself, if you are going to spend a few days, even weeks, repeating the same sentences … courtesy may not respond to you, may be silent, you may take whatever you say to the saints, but it is an ancestor writer to use all of them when the day comes …


Men’s structure is different from women. The detailed structure of the women and the invisible structure of the men conflict with each other. A woman has an average of 20,000 words a day. 7 thousand words for men … The man already consumes 7 thousand words in the day. He chooses to stay silent in the evening. Now if you have a conversation in this world that you might be forced to talk about, you should know that you can not stand it too much if you are talking about “You are such a thing,”.


We all have jealousy in the creation. But I do not want to check this out. Excessive jealousy is that the real person is not as trustworthy as himself. It is really tiring to have a relationship with a woman who lacks ‘self-confidence’. To check everywhere he goes, to question his friends, to blame him in a social environment, “Look at the chaos, cut it out”, and when he can not open the phone, constantly questioning “Who was it, what were you doing?” Will cool your from you. Such a pressure will cause separation.


You have secretly searched your mobile phone, your mail address, your social media accounts. Let’s say you can not find anything, will you relax? No … You will continue to mix. Because you are in doubt. Let’s say you found what you will do? You say “I entered all accounts without you knowing”? Do you realize that it is a violation of human rights and constitutes a crime? If there is any doubt about it, do not continue this relationship at all. Because you are responsible for what is happening and what you started to do.


We men have flat manners. If we say “yes”, it really means “yes”, if we say “no” it is “no”. We tell it directly what we want. However, women try to tell something by implication. When a man asks a woman, “What is it?”, If the woman replies, “I have nothing,” then the endless test has begun for the man. We can not understand what you are unless we tell you because we are not fortune-tellers. So you say you’re done quickly. If you extend this, you will tame the man.


Men are thinking about having sex 19 times a day. Yes it is not something new that your man is more fond of sex than women. But do not you think about punishing a man with sex using this. Or do not even think about having sex with a man. You can do this several times, of course. You are not stupid too, after a while you will realize this fact and your weapon will reverse. Relevant sex is significant only when both sides are willing.


Whoever said that you liked how you treat men as children, talking children, pretending to be a kid, Believe those voices you on the phone, no one likes you. Believe that you try to attract attention to child spoiling while you are still at home. Remember, you are an adult. A man likes to be a ‘full female’, not your child. I suggest you try not to attract attention, not by child imitation, but by showing your womanhood. It works a hundred percent!


At the beginning of your relationship, “Where does this relationship go? What will happen to our son? “Is almost impossible to hold that man in your hand. Leave your relationship flowing. Instead of questioning, see where you will go in practice. As your bond grows stronger, your relationship will already take you where you want. Separation is the best solution if it does not get stronger. You are mistaken if you think you will save our promises to your man. Do not force me to make promises that can not hold anyone.


If you are in love with your heart, leave it like that. Women turn a blind man into a master as a task for them. It is also possible to achieve this. But will you really be happy with the result that comes out of your success? What will be left behind when you reset all the features that fall in love with her? A boring man … Do not touch the personality, the characteristics, the way of life. Of course in your relationship responsibility your lover will shake himself. Let him do it himself, not yours.


Like other people, your love is unique in the world, unique, unique. Compare it with other women’s wives or lovers in your community, or with your ex-boyfriends, and you will not provide anything. Unfortunately, you are doing this and you are drowning your man with questions such as, “Why do not you do this while your soul is acting like that?” Compared to others, the male loses his self-confidence after a while. If he notices this quickly, he finishes the relationship. If you fail to notice and lose your self-confidence, then you will leave him.

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