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Accusing South Korea of North Korean media

The North Korean accused of ​​making ample progress on the Panmunjom Declaration, which was adopted on April 27th between leaders of the two countries.

The report, which was published in Uriminzokkiri on the website of the North Korean government by Yonhap Agency, emphasized that South Korea should work harder to improve inter-Korean relations in the context of the Panmunjom Declaration.

The Seoul government’s “blindfolding” sanctions on US-led sanctions have been a major obstacle to adherence to the declaration, saying, “More than 100 days have passed since the Panmunjom Declaration was adopted on April 27th, but no fruits were taken or developed. , The US sanctions and the South’s unfair participation in them. ” expressions were included.

“The Panmunjom Declaration can not be implemented unilaterally, and it is not time for political gains,” said Uriminzokkiri, a member of the Korean Central News Agency’s website, “Everyone has to work sincerely to improve relationships between Koreas.” .

South Korea- Summit
South Korean President Moon and North Korean leader Kim came together on April 27th at the Panmunjom Fire Station Village of the two countries.

The leaders of the two countries stated that in the joint statement they issued at the end of the summit, an agreement was reached to start negotiations for the complete removal of the Korean Peninsula from nuclear weapons and the current truce into a permanent peace agreement.

The two countries have confirmed their commitment to non-aggression commitments, emphasizing that they will not use force against each other, end military tensions with mutual disarmament and establish peacebuilding among them.

Leaders in the joint statement “mutually confirm the South and the North’s goal of completely eliminating the Korean Peninsula from nuclear weapons.” he used expressions.

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