First images from iPhone 9 and iPhone X !

New developments in the new iPhone models continue to be experienced. Curiously iPhone 9 and iPhone models are displayed on the videotape!

How will iPhone 9 and iPhone X Plus be designed?

The event, which will be organizing in September, has surfaced on the day iPhone and iPhones were shared by Sonny Dickson. Dickson had already been paying attention to the iPhone model.

Now that you share with the prototypes of the iPhone X Plus and iPhone 9 models, it has come back again. The design details of the new model appeared with the shared things. The YouTube user of DetroitBORG, who evaluates this video, says it will have a UC screen.

The new model will have a 6.1-inch screen size LCD screen. The iPhone X Plus is available with a 6.5-inch OLED display panel. If we look at the other details, the iPhone 9 will have only one rear camera. The iPhone X models will come with a dual camera setup positioned vertically as it was the previous year.

Apart from these, three new iPhone models also feature Face ID technology. The Apple officials, who have not been read yet, made no official statement. In the following.


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