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The change of the young girl was surprised.

, 24, becomes an inspiration for everybody by changing a woman named.

Molly Smith, who was addicted to food two years ago, completely changed his life with the liking of a young man.

Molly Smith

A 24-year-old young woman named Molly Smith landed a total of 102 kilograms (63 kilograms) with a long and intense effort.

The young woman who inspired her to express her adventure through social media and want to get rid of her excesses like her, became Instagram fenomenia on this vocabulary.

Molly Smith was a lazy person who, by his own words, was addicted to food until two years ago. Thinking that life was just food, Smith noticed that he did not really like it when he liked a young man in a day.

Molly Smith

After that he tried to get rid of this addiction. He learned to eat healthy, and he was relieved of this extra food addiction.

Molly Smith

Although he has never met a young man who has seen and liked pills, he still says he feels better and healthier now.


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