Young cocktails and Vegetables Fruit Cures

1) Carrot, cabbage, dill Cocktail:
4 medium sized carrots
2 cabbage leaves
1 handful of parsley

The carrots are washed and a good louse. The cabbage and dill are washed. It is taken together with a blender to drink with pleasure.

2) Tomato, spinach Cocktail:
2 Tomatoes
A handful of Raw Spinach

Tomatoes and spinach are washed. Blender is poured together and drinks slowly.

3) Melon, Apricot, Cherry, Almond Cocktail:
Peel the peeled almonds. Quarter peel is peeled off and extracted from its seeds. Cherry and apricots are also extracted from their seeds. They all go through a blender and drink with pleasure.

4) Orange, Lemon, Almond Cocktail:
1 Orange
1 Lemon
3 Badem

Peel the almond shells. After washing an orange and a lemon, peeling the shells, then pass all over the blender.

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